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How to find the cleaner you can trust for your home

How to find the cleaner you can trust for your home
How to find the cleaner you can trust for your home

Story in partnership with Whizz.

Our homes have always been our sanctuaries but that's never been more true than now. Since COVID-19 introduced us to lockdowns and made the term "Working From Home" a regular part of our lives, our homes have taken on even greater importance.

We're spending more time in our homes and so more than ever want them to be a comfy, relaxing, clean and healthy haven.

Unfortunately, keeping your home clean and tidy involves a series of never-ending chores to be squeezed in around work and other life commitments. Your limited free hours should be spent doing things you actually want to do, like enjoying quality time with your friends and family.

One simple way to create extra hours in your day, letting you do more of what you love while still keeping your home under control, is to outsource those time-consuming domestic jobs to a professional cleaner.

But the decision to hire a cleaner comes with its own stresses. Where do I start in the process of finding a good, dependable cleaner? How can I be sure they have the expertise to do the job well? And can I fully trust them?

Challenges solved

The thought of handing the keys of your private sanctuary over to a stranger can be daunting. You need to have confidence in the person you're letting through your door and feel assured they will do a thorough job, while also taking care of your home and valued possessions.

Just jumping online and searching for "best cleaners" can turn out to be a time-consuming, frustrating process. And in the end, it doesn't guarantee you the best, most trustworthy and professional cleaners available.

To solve this challenge, Whizz - Australia's number one home service platform - has created a technology-enabled service to identify and vet Australia's best and most dependable cleaners, and then match customers to the cleaner who is right for them.

How do I know I have the best cleaner?

"All of Whizz's 3,500 professionals are carefully vetted through an onboarding process," said Whizz General Manager Julian Cooke. "Every professional cleaner must submit to a recent police background and an ID check before they can accept jobs. Also they must prove they are experienced, properly trained, and have valid insurance."

To ensure the highest possible quality on the platform, the team at Whizz collects cleaner ratings from customers after every clean via the Whizz App.

"With more than 100,000 homes serviced so far, we have developed a very good understanding of who the best cleaners are," said Mr Cooke. "And only the best and most trusted are allowed to stay on as part of the Whizz marketplace."

Can I leave them alone in my home?

"The Whizz App provides you with a range of useful features that provide our customers with extra peace of mind," Mr Cooke said. "It begins with the status of your clean, tracks its progress and then provides a detailed checklist after every clean with photographic proof of the work done. You can absolutely leave our trusted cleaners in your home."

Peace of mind: Manage everything in one place with the Whizz App.
Peace of mind: Manage everything in one place with the Whizz App.

What if something breaks or gets lost?

As a one-stop-shop, Whizz's mission is to take care of everything for its customers, including insuring against any mishaps.

"Even though all of our professionals are experienced, well trained and police checked, we go above and beyond to make sure our customers have peace of mind when our cleaners are in their homes," Mr Cooke said. "All of our cleans are fully covered by insurance."

What if I'm not satisfied with the clean?

Most of us would know this situation: we've employed someone to do a job for us but once it's completed we aren't completely satisfied with the result.

Sometimes it is difficult to address the problem and many of us would rather just accept it, say nothing and move on rather than complain. But this is where Whizz also has things covered.

Whizz maintains a "100% Happiness Guarantee" which means if you're not satisfied with the clean, they will arrange for your home to be re-cleaned at no additional cost. If you're unhappy with a particular cleaner, Whizz will send another one in their place.

"Your happiness is our everyday benchmark," said Mr Cooke. "That's what Whizz guarantees with every single service. Everything about the Whizz platform is designed to be convenient and give the customer confidence. All our cleaners use high-quality cleaning equipment, high-grade supplies, and are skilled at what they do, so you know you'll always come home to a beautiful, clean house."

Booking a clean with Whizz is simple. Both the website and the Whizz App take you through an easy and fast four-step process and offer savings of up to 20% if you decide on a cleaning plan. For more information or to connect with high quality cleaners in the Goulburn area visit www.whizz.com.au or download the Whizz App, now available on Google Play and from the App Store.

Story in partnership with Whizz.