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What is the best motorhome layout for your travel needs?

From small and intimate, to roomy family-sized, it's important to carefully consider which campervan will best suit your needs. Picture Shutterstock
From small and intimate, to roomy family-sized, it's important to carefully consider which campervan will best suit your needs. Picture Shutterstock

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Selecting a motorhome involves choosing the right layout for your travel style and needs. However, with so many layout configurations available, it helps to evaluate how you plan to use the motorhome before making a decision.

Fortunately, whether you're a solo adventurer, a couple exploring the vistas, or a family making memories on the road, there's a layout designed to match every traveller's checklist. To help you choose the right one for your next big adventure, keep the following in mind:

1 Understand your travel style

Before considering various motorhomes for sale, consider what kind of traveller you are. Are you an adventurous solo explorer or part of a dynamic duo craving endless road trips? Maybe you're planning family holidays filled with laughter and new discoveries.

Your travel style greatly influences the layout that will serve you best. Solo travellers and couples might lean towards compact designs that offer cosiness and efficiency, while families or groups will likely require more space and separate sleeping areas.

2 Assess your space needs

Space is a luxury in a motorhome, and how you plan to use it can make all the difference. Do you envision cooking gourmet meals in a fully-equipped kitchen, or are quick, simple meals more your style? Will you spend ample time indoors, requiring a comfortable seating area for relaxation and entertainment? Answering these questions helps narrow down the search to layouts that provide the right balance between living, cooking, and sleeping spaces.

3 Explore layout options

Before visiting RV-friendly towns like Goulburn, Australia, familiarise yourself with popular motorhome layouts. Each offers unique advantages depending on your priorities. So, when shopping around, make sure to compare the following to know what suits your needs:

4 The classic family setup

Ideal for families, this layout features a master bedroom, bunk beds for the kids, and often a convertible dinette or sofa for extra sleeping space. The separation of sleeping quarters allows for privacy and a peaceful night's sleep for all, making it perfect for longer trips with multiple stops.

5 The couple's retreat

Designed with comfort and intimacy in mind, this layout typically offers a spacious double bed, a cosy living area, and a well-appointed kitchen. It's perfect for couples looking for a home away from home, providing just enough space to live and love without stepping on each other's toes.

6 The solo adventurer

Compact and efficient, this layout maximises space without sacrificing comfort. Expect a convertible bed that doubles as a seating area, a small kitchenette, and ample storage. It's the go-to choice for solo travellers who value simplicity and functionality.

7 The entertainer's dream

For those who love hosting friends or making new ones on the road, this layout offers a spacious living area, a larger kitchen, and flexible sleeping solutions like Murphy beds or convertible sofas. It's all about socialising and comfort, making every destination a party waiting to happen.

Exploring the various layout options available in motorhomes can significantly enhance your travel experience, ensuring that your mobile accommodation fits your lifestyle and travel needs.

8 Consider bathroom and storage solutions

Don't overlook the importance of bathroom and storage facilities. Some prefer a larger bathroom with a separate shower for a more home-like feel, while others might prioritise storage for outdoor gear, clothing, and food supplies. Assess your needs carefully to find a layout that doesn't leave you wanting more in these crucial areas.

9 Tailor your choice to your activities

Your preferred activities can also guide your layout choice. If outdoor adventures are your call, look for motorhomes with easy access to storage for bikes, kayaks, or hiking gear, ensuring you're always ready for the next adventure without cluttering your living space.

For beach lovers, a motorhome with an external shower might be a game-changer, allowing you to wash off the sand before stepping inside. Love cooking? A layout with a generous kitchen space and modern appliances will make meal prep a breeze, transforming your motorhome into a travelling gourmet kitchen.

Tailoring the motorhome to your activities ensures every trip is not only enjoyable but perfectly adapted to your lifestyle, making every journey hassle-free and full of potential for new experiences.

10 Weigh the pros and cons

Weighing the pros and cons is crucial in making an informed decision when shopping for an RV or motorhome. A layout with ample living space is perfect for those rainy days when you're confined indoors, providing room to stretch out and relax. However, this might mean a smaller kitchen or less storage, which could be a challenge for long-haul trips where provisions and gear are essential.

Conversely, prioritising a large kitchen and abundant storage could compromise the living or sleeping areas, making the motorhome feel cramped over time. It's about finding the right balance that caters to your priorities without making significant sacrifices in comfort and functionality.


After considering all factors, it's time to make a decision. The best motorhome layout is one that feels right for you, fitting your travel style, space needs, and activity preferences like a glove. Don't rush this choice-take your time to explore different models and layouts until you find your perfect match.