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Protecting your home: Local roofing business aims to deliver peace of mind

Leaky Roof's Jason and Justin with their most recent local business awards. Picture supplied.
Leaky Roof's Jason and Justin with their most recent local business awards. Picture supplied.

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When fierce storms lashed Canberra late last year, Jing and her husband had one of their fears come true - their roof was not water tight.

The couple had been planning to fix cracked and unpainted tiles on their 41-year-old Chisholm home's roof for many years since they'd bought it in 2017. This time, the water and wind was too much and their home sprang some serious leaks.

In an amazing bit of luck, the couple received one of the most timely Christmas presents possible - the prize of a roof restoration by one of Canberra's most experienced roofing businesses.

While on maternity leave from her nursing career and visiting her parents in Malaysia after the birth of their second child, Jing received a phone call telling her she'd won a $20,000 roof restoration in a competition run by long-running family business, Leaky Roof.

Today, Jing's home is looking a million dollars after the team at Leaky Roof spent a week fixing and replacing tiles, as well as replacing the flashing and rebedding and pointing of ridge capping, before giving the whole roof a new coat of paint.

"I didn't believe it at first when I got the call, I actually hung up the first time," Jing said. "But when I spoke to them and they said I'd won the big prize I was so happy and grateful. I had entered the competition in November and had forgotten all about.

"And now we have a new roof that looks so good. My neighbour was so impressed she's also decided to have hers fixed too."

The competition is the first of more roof restoration give-aways Leaky Roof is planning. It's part of the businesses's commitment to giving back to the Canberra community it's served for more than 30 years.

Jing's roof after restorartion by Canberra business Leaky Roof. Picture supplied
Jing's roof after restorartion by Canberra business Leaky Roof. Picture supplied

Leaky Roof is owned and operated by local father and son team, Jason and Justin Vetsavong, who take huge pride in delivering the best service possible to their customers.

Son Justin, who's been working alongside his dad since he was 13, helping out on weekends and school holidays, says he never gets tired of the satisfaction of putting a roof over someone's house.

"The roof of a house is a really important thing - everybody needs a good strong roof over their head to protect their home from damage," he said.

"And when you're able to help a customers deal with problems they're having and you see that they're happy with their roof it's a really satisfying thing."

After finishing school Justin joined his father in the business while studying for a degree in business administration. Seven years ago they created the Leaky Roof brand with the vision of being the best at what they do, not just in Canberra but in Australia.

Jason had been working as a roofer since 1991, operating as a sole trader contracting to other businesses. Justin says his dad is the hardest worker he's met.

"He'd work seven days a week, 12 hours a day, he's got such a strong work ethic, and incredibly high standards," he said.

"It's definitely something that was really drilled into me watching my parents - working hard and taking pride in your work, making it the best.

"When we finish a job we never get through and say that's good enough. We hold ourselves to the highest standards. We understand how important a person's home is to them and we want to go above and beyond to make sure they're very happy with the results."

The Leaky Roof team. PIcture supplied
The Leaky Roof team. PIcture supplied

As well as personalising each job, with the team looking after it from start to finish, Leaky Roof has its work independently quality checked for each project it works on.

"We are very focused on providing an exceptional customer experience, taking a consultative approach so our customers have that peace of mind, they know everything that's happening and when," said Justin.

Along with major new roof and roof renovation projects. working with customers to make sure their roofs are stronger for longer with regular maintenance is part of the Leaky Roof service.

As well as encouraging their customers to do what they can to monitor the state of their roof, Leaky Roof offers an inspection service to detect potential problems and fix them before they leave the home vulnerable to damage in a storm.

"Roof maintenance is an essential part of caring for a home, and it can safeguard against expensive repairs or damage," Justin said. "And it means less worry for families."

To find out more about Leaky Roof and the services it offers visit the website leakyroof.com.au or call (02) 5133 5608