Goulburn Camera Club holds annual exhibition

The Goulburn Camera Club has a current exhibition called ‘Through The Lens’ at the Goulburn Visitors Information Centre on Sloane Street.

The exhibition of 22 photos contributed from a range of club members includes photos from events such as Steampunk to sculptures, and more. 

Artist Sally O’Neill officially opened the exhibition on November 3. 

She spoke about the importance of having a hobby and also of being involved in a group.

“It is a great place to keep your skills up and also to keep learning,” she said. 

June Furbank-Saville won the Joe Medway Memorial Trophy. 

The exhibition runs until November 24. The public can vote on their favourite photo in the People’s Choice Award.

The Goulburn Camera Club has meetings in the Goulburn Soldiers Club at 7pm on the second Wednesday monthly.