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The mighty magenta Marino. Photo: Baz Ruddick.
The mighty magenta Marino. Photo: Baz Ruddick.

Rangas, blueys or carrot tops. 

Whatever you call them, redheads don’t abound. Just 2% of the world’s population sport naturally ginger locks.

That is, except maybe for in Goulburn.

As Australia’s oldest inland city, Goulburn has many a distinctive feature. The Big Merino standing tall among the lofty spires of magnificent historic churches; the confluence of the mighty Mulwarree and the meandering Wollondilly spilling out into tranquil wetlands; and the imposing might of the Rocky Hill War Memorial.

But Goulburn is also a city filled to bursting with redheads.

As a Melbourne-girl, this journalist is a Goulburn outsider. 

Even a brief foray into the town centre will lead the eye to light on far more than your average number of rougy-rangas. It’s plain as day to the unaccustomed eye.

Whether it’s the Irish and Scottish influence of early European settlement making its mark felt today, or something in the water, it’s not clear.

We’re sure of one thing though, Goulburn is a ginger city.

Worldwide, 1-2% of the population is redheaded. This number soars in Ireland, with 10% of the population sporting flaming hair. Scotland is not far behind, with up to 6% of its population redheaded.

Unfortunately the ABS neglected to include a hair colour question in the latest Census, so we went to the authority.

In a mammoth fact-finding mission, we called every hairdresser in Goulburn.

Busy people they are, we only spoke to four of the 20 contacted. 

However, equipped with their years of wisdom, the Goulburn Post can confidently state that 75% of hairdressers polled believe we could possibly-maybe be right.

Are we right, or is it ridiculous? Let us know what you think!


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