POLL: Verner Street and Big W

It’s the Hot Topic in Goulburn and has been for some time. Should part of Verner Street be closed to accommodate a new Big W complex.

Opponents of the proposal have been branded anti-progress and antiquated. Supporters have been described as the “I want it now and damn the consequences” generation.

There have been numerous stories written about the proposal along with a lot of letters to the editor and online comments, and in Friday’s Goulburn Post the developer has described those opposed to the closure as “the vocal minority”.

But are they the minority? Apart from some informal facebook discussions, which were a great start, there hasn’t been a thorough survey that broke the proposal into its various parts. Until now.

In the following survey you can favour keeping Verner Street Open, or getting Big W to come to Goulburn. Or you can favour a compromise that sees both possibilities. You can even say if you believe the developers should get first dibs on the land in question if indeed it is to be sold off.

So here’s your chance. Speak now and be heard.

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