LETTER: Time to blood political newbies

JAMES Harker-Mortlock’s letter (‘Doesn’t Good Government Require Balance’ Jan 7) shows just why we need new blood in the political scene here in Australia.

Mr Harker-Mortlock seems determined to succeed at all costs: he’s now ‘independent’ having demonstrated his inability to work as part of the Coalition team; he seeks to impose his personal views preferences and prejudices on us all from his position of unpopularity, at all costs.

Mr Harker-Mortlock now indicates that a major measure of success in representation in the Federal Parliament should be the amount of taxpayers’ money that is allocated to finance projects located in Hume.

This sort of pork-barrelling is a tried a proven way of failing.

Just look at the state of the Federal budget and the finances in NSW and QLD. This financial delinquency simply confirms a government’s tendency to put short term populist/electoral benefit before the true national interest, nation building and making provision for the future.

There are many voters in this electorate who put responsibility, accountability, integrity and all the other things that make up good government before pure self-interest.

Our country is best served by electing MPs with sufficient intelligence and vision to seek a balance between local needs and national benefit when spending taxpayers’ money.

Angus Taylor has in recent times demonstrated his ability to think and put national benefit before personal interest.

He has made his views on the benefits of wind farms and ‘environmental energy’ clear, highlighting the cost benefit equation.

He has stated his view of the need to fund reform and development of our national transport infrastructure. He points out that the shortcomings of the current road/rail situation are not only matters of concern for public safety and ease and convenience of travel, but also have detrimental impacts on our export industries.

Mr Harker-Mortlock would do well to be quiet, to look and to listen to the positive, constructive and, very importantly, the inclusive way that Angus Taylor is conducting his candidacy for election to represent this electorate in our Federal parliament.

Ian Weekley via Marulan


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