Goulburn North Public School’s end of year awards | PHOTOS

Teachers, staff, parents, students and special guests enjoyed the end of year presentations and performances at Goulburn North Public School.

The school said a very special thank you to Mrs Lutsker for providing traditional dance clothes from Tonga.  

These Tongan traditional dance clothes or Teunga Mgatu are made from Tapa.

Tapa is made from the bark of the Kiapo or Mulberry trees normally grown by women in their backyards.  

Mrs Lutsker had these specially made for the children in class K/1 by her family in Tonga.

Awards are as follows:

Class KN    

Maddison Eddy    

Briley Farrell    

Abbey Guthrie   

Asher Heath    

Ashley-Roze Hill   

Kiesha Konig    

Lily O’Connor    

Ella Tozer    

Violet Turner   

Lucy Weston   

Charlotte Withers   

Maxwell Bult   

Jackson Chandler  

Hugh Chinnery  

Samuel  Hick 

Akain Kalusayakkarage   

Cody Searle   

Ben Stone-Gras 

Toby Stone-Gras   

Ashton Swan

Class KM

Chelsea Alt-Grove

Mia Campbell

Emma Dromgold

Ava Hartnett

Lilly Konig

Maddison Lang

April Thorpe

Ellah White

William Campbell

Connor Corson

Riley Croker-Miller

Riley Fife

Max Mammone

Eli McLean

Lachlan Pearman    

Jay Shepherd

Harrison Webb

Caleb Whiting

Cruz Zerafa

Class 1M    

Riley Jordan-Fermor   

Isaac McKenna    

Isobelle Phillips 

Noah Hick    

Class 2G

Simon Walshe

Max Dean

Lily Cleaves

Shelby Cooper

Class 2K

Ben Kuczynski

Amelia Coppolino

Chloe Bush

Mason Shepherd

Class K/1    

Gaius Gillett   

Lucy McLean  


Kianah McMahon

Ricky Huang

Amellia Goldfinch

Summer Hogan


Joel Frazer – Academic Excellence

Kushari Batuthanne Hitihamillage – Overall Effort and Achievement

Archer Price – Citizenship

Ankh-Rose Penfold – Consistent Effort


Brock Cooper – Academic Excellence in Mathematics

Finn Mitchell – Academic Excellence

Lilly Tichborne – Citizenship

Olivia Roberts – Dedication to Learning


Declan Gooch – Academic Excellence

Summer Hejda – Improvement in Reading

Jay Caldwell – Overall Improvement

Kathryn Shepherd – Consistent Effort


Lachlan Condylios – Outstanding Effort

Emily McClenahan – Commitment to Learning

Charlotte Ogilvie – Outstanding Work Ethic

Laura Keith – Academic Excellence


Olivia Skerry - Commitment to Learning

Thomas Petrie – Academic Achievement

Lex Slats - Consistent Effort

Jayde little-Cross – Exemplary Behaviour


Martika Walker Shaw - Consistent Effort

Logan Nolan - Commitment to Learning

Reed Rowsell - Commitment to Learning

Nicolas Coppolino – Initiative and Responsibility

Harold Howard Memorial Award for Effort – Jack Beard

Greg Pearce Memorial Award for Citizenship – Brianna Norris

Pru Goward reading award – Celeste Bindley

Dux – Emily Weston and Eva Wright

Premier’s Sporting Challenge – Emily Weston

Mulwaree Scholarships – Academic – Brandon Moore

Citizenship – Hunter Spillane

Sporting – Emily Weston