Writers wanted - apply within

Ever wanted to be a writer?

And not just to write, but to be read by others?

If you answered yes to those questions – then here’s the trickier question: what to write?

Inspiration can sometimes be the hardest part. Being able to write doesn’t necessarily mean you have a lead for a big scoop, or an idea for an original short story or piece of fiction.

Well here’s an idea that might get you started.

Over the remainder of December and throughout January, we are asking interested readers to try their hand at writing in the form of movie, tv and music reviews.

Now, we’re not asking for reviews of the latest albums, movies or TV shows – we’re talking about classics… shows, movies and albums that other readers will be familiar with. You can choose popular favourites, or even cult hits, it’s up to you. And given it’s the Christmas holiday season, chances are you’ll be saturated by old movies, tv shows and music anyway

For your reviews, we’d like to see a bit of flair and personality along with a bit of analysis. If something is “great”, or “wonderful” or “magic” or even “lousy” then tell us why. Be specific.

You don’t have to love or hate everything about the piece you are reviewing. Be critical and let us know it’s good and bad points.

You can also give the review some personal context. Maybe it was an album you bought in your graduation year… a movie you saw with your first true love. And you can include a broader context if you like… what was happening in the world at that time?

Because the reviews are online for our website and not the print edition, there are no actual length guidelines but remember if the piece is too long you’ll lose the audience before they finish it.

If you want to include a star-rating, do that too using a rating out of five.

We would like to run as many reviews as possible but some may have to be cull for reasons of quality… we also reserve the right to edit submissions.

We aren’t looking to name the best review, so there is no prize, and there are no payments for submissions. This is just an opportunity for intending writers to showcase their work, and you never know what that might lead to.

Address all reviews to chris.gordon@fairfaxmedia.com.au , making it clear whether it’s a movie, television series or album – and also name the show/movie/album you are reviewing.

So get writing... or perhaps, get watching and listening and THEN get typing.


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