Happy Birthday Goulburn!

Hold up your glasses, it’s time to make a toast.

According to Wyatt’s History of Goulburn credit goes to surveyor James Meehan who, along with Hamilton Hume and John Oxley were the first true appreciators in March, 1818.

On this day, March 14 in 1863, you were declared a city by Royal Letters Patent, as Queen Victoria set up a Goulburn Anglican diocese in the last Royal Letters Patent ever granted by a British Monarch.

And while this didn’t have any legal status, in 1885 you made it official, legally being declared a city.

Many do not know that your alternative name was ‘Strathallen’ – thankfully now changed.  

At a young age you had housed many different types of people, from many different walks of life. Despite internal and national conflicts you were able to keep your mesmerising physique.

You were an inspiration to farmers, politicians and creatives alike. 

The evergreen hills remain as perfect as a picture, whisking onto the banks of clear streams and housing the colourful unique wildlife native to the region.

Now you are old and wise, not so easily fooled. You have seen mistakes repeated once, in some instances multiple times, but you have been patient. 

We know it is the people you really love. Those who care for you, help you grow and even those who challenge you. 

So here’s to another 200 years, nay even more.

We hope prosperity and growth come your way, and we will look forward to seeing this all come to life.

Happy 200th Birthday Goulburn, you don’t look a day over 155. 

The best things about you: 

​It may be well used but we love Rocky Hill, that silent sentinel, beacon of hope that welcomes us home every time. No wonder the late Goulburn mayor, Keith Cole, called it the people’s memorial and stuck up for it being the dominant symbol in a marketing logo. 

We love you because over your long history you have become a colourful place. One colour stands out in particular – red. The town is widely acclaimed for a uniquely high proportion of ginger manes, so much so that 75% of hairdressers we could get onto in January thought that maybe-possibly there could be more redheads in Goulburn than average.

We love you because of your fantastic community theatre, the Lieder Theatre Company. Since 1891 you have been dazzling, wowing and entertaining audiences and have become the longest continuously running theatre in the country. 

We love seeing the Lieder Youth Theatre at community events – clowning, stilt walking and literally playing with fire.

It might sound obvious, Goulburn, but we love you because of your heritage buildings and brilliant facades. A stroll down your streets is like touching the past.

Even our visitors love you – whether it be your Blues Festival, your giant merino or a meal stop on the highway, a steady stream of highway travellers stop in your town for a selfie with Rambo or to fill their bellies. 

The list could go on and on, so let’s find out what  you love about Goulburn.